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Saturday, 17 March 2012

More than Just the Music...

So of course most people with an interest in the local music scene will be aware that HippyHaze 2012 is a 'who's who' of the Stoke scene. With forty local bands spanning a variety of genres (yes, we threw country and folk in with indie and heavy rock... sue us!) HippyHaze will be an excellent opportunity to hear some raw talent, meet a bunch of new people and escape from the real world for three whole days. Well, as if that's not enough, we've also thrown together a nice chunk of retail and refreshment stalls in order to make sure that you're never hungry or naked. Unless of course you want to be, and you're in the privacy of your own tent. Or someone else's in a consensual tryst... We digress.

We thought we'd write this quick post in order to let you know about some great local businesses that HippyHaze 2012 will be supporting over the Easter weekend. Let's start with the food, shall we? We know that's what we'll be hunting down all weekend!



Shameless plug we know, but when The Hippy Hippy Shake Company presents a music festival it would be somewhat bizarre if we weren't serving our delicious beverages throughout the event. Now, we know our shakes are yummy enough as they are what with chocolate bars and sweeties all blended up inside. Plus, we've also got breakfast covered with our refreshing frozen fruit smoothies. However, we've decided to 'mix things up' a bit (did you see what we did there?) So for the first time in Hippy Hippy History, we're making our shakes crazier than ever by pouring one or two cheeky shots into our blenders and seeing what comes out. Our absolute favorites include Terry's Chocolate Orange with Cointreau, Nutella with Bailey's and Strawberry Fields with Smirnoff. Bet you're salivating right now. We'll also be serving paninis, nachos and waffles. AND ice lollies and our signature ice-cream sundaes. Nomnomnom.

Sprinkles and Twinkles Cupcakes


You know how The Hippy Hippy Shake Company loves anything that is super-duper sweet? Well, this local cupcake business is right up our alley. Think creamy-thick icing, soft-moist sponge and bright-beautiful colours. Then imagine how happy your belly will be after eating five. What are you waiting for? What's that? You can't wait until HippyHaze for these yummy-scrummy bites of heaven? Never fear, if you head into our Newcastle shop you can get your mitts on a sneak-preview which will definitely have you coming back for more!


Candy is so much cooler when it's in old-school plastic baggies. We rapidly came to this realization after our first Mr Simm's experience which allowed us to see that vintage sweeties are still as indulgent as they were in our childhoods! Sugar mice, herbal tablets, barley sugar, rhubarb and custards, kop kops, bon bons and more... Our teeth will rot and it will be worth it.  


Burgers, hot dogs, bacon sandwiches, chips and tons more. Head over to the food tent to grab some decent grub!

Donut Van

Speaks for itself :) Covered in sugar. Yes.


Let's face it, when we're away from our parents for three days it's highly likely that without the use of clothes washing facilities, we will walk around for days on end with milkshake and ketchup down our shirts if we have a spillage. However, thanks to Dirty Slut Clothing, you will be able to buy an emergency replacement T-shirt within minutes of virtually any stain-causing (wink wink) alcohol-inducing embarrassment. Winner. 


We feel so bad for all of your friends that may not be able to make it that we've chosen a selection of the gift-wares that we sell in our Hanley store so that you can take them a piece of the magic! Isn't that sweet of us :) We'll have hand-bags, incense sticks, essential oils, candles, sun catchers, oil burners and way more cool stuff so make sure you come check us out.


If you're after cute and unique jewelry then Krafty J's is the stall you want to be hitting up. Brightly-coloured strings with heart-shaped pendents, pretty wall plaques and dream catchers are what this local company is all about so you're definitely going to want to check it out for a couple of HippyHaze souvenirs.

The 'Cigarette Man'

That's right, we've really got you covered on all fronts, to the extent where even if the smokers out there forget or run out of their cigs they have a one-stop-shop for all their smoking needs. Great success.

Band Merch

Heard a great band and want to hear more? Thinking Aaron Mobberly is so talented you want your loser-mate who missed out on tickets to share your passion? Lusting after the lead singer of The Get Alongs and want to listen to him in your bedroom? Well, whilst it's actually against the law to kidnap Shaneth, you might be able to grab a CD or some other band merchandise over in our imaginatively named 'Band Merch' tent. Plus, if you head over to this tent you might actually get to meet some of your local music heroes! 


Easter is a time for giving. Whether you're religious or not, there is no better time to support a charity than when you're having the time of your life. So how about buying a T-shirt or wrist-band from the one charity in Stoke-On-Trent which not only improves the lives of young people fighting cancer, but also provides support for young musicians like many of those performing over the weekend? The Joe Gilligan Trust is a charity which has always been close to The Hippy Hippy Shake Company's heart so we'd really love for our festival-goers to mosey on over to the Band Merch tent and get giving! 


So, what are you waiting for? A lot of time and effort has gone into organizing HippyHaze so that everyone can have a great time without a care in the world!


Love and milkshakes
The Hippy Hippy Shake Company

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