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Monday, 17 September 2012

The Hippy Hippy Shake Company Sits Down With... Vellocet!

As ever, in the run up to Hippy Horror, our team have found themselves at a variety of gigs over the past few months. One such gig was that of psychedelic trip rock 'n' roll band, Vellocet at the Underground a few weeks back. Supporting 3's A Riot, the mighty Vellocet were the second band to perform and the crowd went wild for their different sound. As they are playing Hippy Horror on Sunday the 28th October, we absolutely had to grab a couple of minutes to get to know the boys a little better...


Vellocet! You guys were brilliant just now, thanks for taking the time to chat with us.
Ash: We're sorry we're such hairy sweaty men... apologies. It just gets really hot on stage.

Ooooh, that's quite alright, we'd probably be sweaty and hairy if we put as much time into something as you obviously do with your music. So where has your bassist rushed off to?
Jordan: It is Louis's birthday so hopefully he's off getting drinks bought for him by pretty girls.

Coming and playing a gig on his birthday, now THAT'S commitment! So tell us about the band...
Ash: Well, we started as a six piece and we were always selling out gigs for about 3 years and were headlining every three weeks.
Dewy: Then the singer quit...
Jordan: Yeah, I wasn't even the original singer!

No way. So how long have you been the band that you are today?
Dewy: Only since June 21st, the day before the Camden gig...
Ash: We saw the legendary Richard Buxton in Camden that day! It was mad we were just walking down the street and we asked if he knew where this pub was and he recognized us, it was weird.

So, if we were only going to see one band at Hippy Horror, why should Vellocet be that band?
Dewy: We're up and coming really. We're getting back on track.
Jordan: We've got quite a dirty dark sound which I don't think you hear that often. Its a different sound. Dirty Rock.
Ash: Every time we do a gig we try to push our limits and top what we did last time. Like our Fatboy Slim cover has been a challenge but it was worth it when it worked tonight. That will stay in our set for this year now.

Yes, it was a real crowd pleaser. Were you guys at Hippy Haze?
Ash: We were going to play but we actually lost our singer and our keyboardist not long before so we were a bit down in the dumps.
Jordan: Yeah, we were all working that weekend. Gutted we missed it though, we've heard such great things about it!

Well, we'll let you off if you perform at Hippy Horror as well as you did tonight... What Halloween costumes are you going to be wearing at Hippy Horror?
Jordan: Well, we usually do Clockwork Orange...
Dewy: Yeah but we might want to try something different... but we want to keep it a surprise.
Jordan: In fairness, us in tight white jeans probably isn't what most people want to see.
Ash: We've done Clockwork Orange twice now so we'll go for a surprise this time.
Jordan: We are mysterious and dark.

Awhhh you boys never let anything on! What has been your best ever gig?
Jordan: All the Young, definitely, at the King's Hall.
Dewy: We didn't have a huge crowd but it was just an incredible experience being able to play on a stage that big.
Ash: There was that one where we collaborated with the Rivalry and did a mashup of Baba O'Reilly with the Chemical Brothers over the top of that.
Dewy: We've got quite a few favourite gigs really.

Tell us about your worst gig ever...
Jordan: Fatcats.
Dewy: Fatcats.
Ash: Fatcats.
Jordan: We hadn't played in a while and we were trying to put as much new content into the gig as possible before the songs were even ready.
Ash: We even ended up doing our first song again as an encore because we hadn't prepared a proper one...
Jordan: It was embarrassing.
Ash: Oxjam was bad too. It sounds terrible because it was a charity gig but it was a terrible gig.
Jordan: We try to forget about gigs like that...

Yes, let's move on. So after Hippy Horror, what will be next for Vellocet? Do you have anything fun planned for the festive season?
Jordan: We've got Keele at the end of the year.
Dewy: We're playing a gig at Keele on the 23rd of December. It will have all the biggest bands in Stoke playing so that and Hippy Horror are going to be our two biggest of the year.

Is there anything we should know...
Ash: Look forward to next summer...
Jordan: Yesss we've got our EP out next year.

Well thanks once again for giving us an interview, we can't wait to see you perform.
Jordan: Thanks for having us :)


You heard it here first guys! Vellocet have got exciting things in the pipeline, so you'd really better catch them at Hippy Horror on Sunday the 28th before they disappear into a whirl-wind of everything they have planned for the next twelve months. This group of genuine lads work hard to develop with each and every gig they play, so even if you've seen them before you are definitely going to want to see them again at Hippy Horror because each performance is different. We're particularly excited about their cover potential, because the range of songs they've put their own spin on in the past is so varied, you never know what to expect! So buy your ticket, pack your bag, pitch your tent, grab your beer and stake out your spot in what is sure to be a heaving crowd, because Vellocet are ready to rock your socks off.


Love and shakes
The Hippy Hippy Shake Company

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