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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Currently Recruiting... Artists Needed!

Right guys, we need y'all to get yo' creative bonnets on!

We (The Hippy Hippy Shake Company) are currently recruiting art nerds in order to get some absolutely INSANE decorations put together in preparation for Hippy Horror. No qualifications required, all you need to do is send a private message via facebook to me (Gabriella Sofia Buxton) or my lovely father (Richard Buxton) and get us to add you to the list. We're hoping to recruit about ten artsy folk and all we ask is that you come to our first meeting (which will hopefully be held within the next couple of weeks) full of ideas and ready to get creative.

So what is in it for you?


  • We plan on meeting once a week to do our arty-farty thing, and as we'll be meeting in our Newcastle store, it would only be fair if we would give each of you a milkshake for free, now would it?
  • Whatever decorations you create can be kept at the end of Hippy Horror to put towards any art coursework you may need. You're also welcome to keep our creepy work at your own home after the event or give it away to friends.
  • You get to be a big part of the creative process of a local music festival. Sounds clever for your CV doesn't it?
  • You'll get to meet nine other creative-types and all get excited about Hippy Horror together :)
  • This is all about going crazy and being weird and twisted and making stuff that will terrify your mates. It will be a laugh!

So what are you waiting for, creatives? Send us a facebook message as soon as you can because we'd like to have a meeting to discuss your ideas and make a shopping list of materials we will need for the next meeting.

Love and shakes
The Hippy Hippy Shake Company 

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