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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Hippy Hippy Shake Company Sits Down With... Sea Based Turtles!

On the 17th August, The Hippy Hippy Shake Company checked out who would be playing at the Sugarmill and we were pleasantly surprised to see that one of our favorite Stafford-based bands was headlining the night. We are of course talking about Sea Based Turtles. We discovered this band for the first time a few months back and were automatically hooked. We were super happy to have them agree to perform at HippyHaze back in Easter and after their fantastic performance (which included two broken guitar strings, a big old bunch of energy and a cover of the Gorillaz Clint Eastwood) we were just dying to ask them to perform for us again.

It may please you HippyHazers to know that Sea Based Turtles have agreed to return and play for us at our Hippy Horror Halloween event! So we moseyed on down to their Sugarmill gig the other night and grabbed five minutes with the Joe S (bassist), Joe R (Drummer) and Sam (Guitarist) pre-performance. Here's what we found out...


Thanks for giving us a few minutes before you perform! Where are the others?
Sam: Missing.
Joe R: They're not here. They've nipped off... They've gone somewhere. *Slightly nervous look*
Sam: They should really be here. We're performing in ten minutes and we are two band members down. Standard.

Oh... ok, well I'm sure they'll get here in time. Meanwhile, let's find out a little about Sea Based Turtles, eh? Let's start with a simple question. Where did you guys come from? Bar 'the sea.' Obviously.
Sam: We started at university. We just started jamming together and before we knew it, Sea Based Turtles were born. It was Joe S that came up with the random name... We're still not sure why. It was interesting when we started out really because we all have such different influences that we weren't sure for a while how our music would sound. Eventually we found our voice though.

Ok, so speaking of influences, who are your biggest?
Joe R: Block Party, Foals and Chilli Peppers for me.
Sam: Anything funky. Jimi Hendrix.
Joe S: James Brown.

Did you enjoy performing at HippyHaze?
Joe R: We loved it.
Sam: We wish we'd stayed and camped for the whole thing. We've just heard so many rave reviews about it.
Joe S: It's just so nice seeing so many local bands getting together with different types of music.
Sam: We were suprised at having such a big crowd because we're from a bit out of the area as we're all Stafford uni students. We had a great time. We can't wait for Hippy Horror!

Speaking of Hippy Horror, as it is a Halloween event, you MUST dress in Halloween costumes...
Joe R: Yes definitely. I want to go as V for Vendetta.
Joe S: Well, we did a music video a while back called Dracula where we were all dressed like vampires so we might have to crack those back out again...

Oooh, like on Twilight?
Sam: NO. My skin will not be sparkling, I'll tell you that right now.

So what's a typical Sea Based Turtles fan like... only, we've noticed there are a lot of girls in your crowd?
Sam: A dancer!
Joe R: A nutter.
Joe S: Anyone really, anyone. We don't want to pigeon-hole things too much because we think anyone can like our music really.

What have you been working on since HippyHaze?
Sam: Our album will be out in time Hippy Horror so we've just been working on getting that finished up.

What has been you best ever gig? Apart from HippyHaze of course!
Joe S: The best gig we probably did was a small gig at the Grapes in Stafford and it was absolutely rammed. It was a really good gig, so packed!

Have you ever had a terrible terrible terrible gig?
Joe R: Well, Hippy Haze was amazing, but Sam broke TWO strings on stage which was a bit of a nightmare.
Joe S: Oh and at one gig, both me and Sam forgot our guitar straps so we had to sit on chairs and play the whole set like that.

Oh no! So square. Aside from your Twilight-directed animosity, you guys are cool. Like really cool. I bet you get lots of attention from the ladies. Would you ever snog a fan?

Joe R: Ooooh that's a difficult one...
Joe S: Which fan?
Joe R: Yeah, it totally depends on the fan really!

So, you wouldn't rule it out? Just checking... Anyway, let's wrap this up with what your favorite The Hippy Hippy Shake Company milkshakes are...
Joe R: I had a Kinder Bueno once. *Pulls an 'Oh-yes-it-was-well-peng' face*
Sam: I had our Sea Based Turtles special back at HippyHaze as well which was so cool. It tasted so good. I might have to ask Rich to bring it back for Hippy Horror, especially for me...

Well, I'd better let you go and get on stage! Thanks for giving me the time of day :) Good luck!
Sam: Thanks :) *Rushes off with the rest of the band*


Let us tell you, Sea Based Turtles aren't just an extremely likeable group of boys but they are extremely talented entertainers too. Think a cross between Reel Big Fish, Gorillaz and nothing you've ever heard before and you have Sea Based Turtles. There's no doubt about it, we'll be dancing away in front of the stage. Make sure you join us on the Sunday at Hippy Horror because its going to be a performance you're not going to want to miss! Meanwhile, hit up Sea Based Turtles's Soundcloud. Our favourite song is Real Resonation. What is yours?


Love and milkshakes
The Hippy Hippy Shake Company

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