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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Hippy Hippy Shake Company Sits Down With... 3's A Riot

The namesake of one of our current 'Special' milkshakes (available in-store at the Hanley and Newcastle shops), 3's A Riot just happened to be playing at the same 20th January The Underground gig as The Get Alongs, so I was lucky enough to grab five minutes with the boys and get the dirt on who they are and what 3's A Riot is all about... Hyper and packed full of adrenalin not long before stepping on stage, the down-to-earth Toby, Joe and the two Dans were more than happy to have a bit of a giggle with me about the state of the ladies toilets before we got down to business. Here's what I found out...


Ok, so 3's A Riot! I feel like I'm talking to a bunch of celebs in that you have a milkshake named after the band...

*Excited voices as all boys speak at once expressing their excitement and love for the shake. Words such a 'favorite' and 'epic' get bandied around*

Well, we're glad you like it! It's right yummy. Anyway, we don't have much time so let's get on shall we? Who are your biggest influences? 

Joe: Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian!!! 
*This exclamation meets with some ridicule from fellow band members*
Joe: Don't give me any s**t about Sergio! 
Toby: ...Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, anything rocky... We've just got so many genres of music that we love, they all just kind of join together into one. 

So you totally don't discriminate? 

Dan: No, not at all. We even love pop music.
*One of the boys from The Pretty Great Whites comes and asks if he can borrow some kind of musical necessity (a tuner?) and Toby agrees*

Awh, you boys are all so sweet, helping each other out and what not! 

Toby: Yeah always! We're all dead close!

That's good. Tell me boys, what's been your best rock and roll moment so far, I mean you've only been together since last summer, but I bet you've got some good stories right?

Toby: I'll tell you a funny story... *Gives warning look to fellow band members* The last gig we had at The Sugarmill a lad jumped into the microphone stand, the stand tipped over and smacked Joe in the face giving him a massive black eye. *Joe shakes his head, with shame* We carried on though. That's been our biggest rock and roll moment we've had yet... we've got a lot to come! 

God, yeah, I can imagine! 

Dan: And the shoes.

The shoes?

Toby: Ah yeah, people have a tendency to chuck their shoes at us. 

Ouch. Shoes? That's horrendous. And dangerous!

Joe: And we've got a chant.
Toby: You'll hear it tonight.

I'm intrigued. I'll keep an ear on it and join in though, promise. Now tell me. Do you write your own lyrics? What's your most personal tune? Have any of you lovely lads been heart-broken and been crying and just had to pour your feelings into your music? 

*Boys share a knowing look*
Toby: Well, I've not found love yet, so I'm yet to have my heart-broken!

Awhhh. I'll get onto that in a minute.

Joe: What about the new one 'The Wanted Man'. That's a passionate song. 
Dan: Yeah it's a bit deep.
Toby: I guarantee you'll shed a tear tonight... 
*Boys share a mischievous glance*
Joe: You know, don't tell anyone but most of our lyrics don't mean much...
Toby: Whatever rhymes is put in there. It's the music that's important.

I like that response! Means you don't take life too seriously, go with your gut and don't over-think things. Ok, so Toby, you haven't found love yet... But to all of you... All of the girls out there want to know, would you ever sleep with a groupie?

Joe: WOAH.
Toby: We've slept with teddy bears, that's as serious as it goes.
*Boys cheekily smile at one another and quite clearly are not about to divulge their filthiest groupie-related anecdotes to me* 
Joe: This is all a bit intimate!
Toby: Look, whatever the night brings, the night brings...
Joe: She hasn't come tonight! I'm gutted. Gutted.

Awhhhh! Well, you're probably better off as there's no toilet paper in the ladies... 

Joe: So what? Do you want me to go fetch some?
*Boys laugh*
Toby: That will be because Joe went in there and did a number two earlier.
*Boys laugh more*

NICE. No, I'm just saying, unless they've brought tissues like we have, most of the girls out there haven't used toilet paper. Just giving you a heads up...

*Look of disgust dawns on the boys faces*

Ok, on that bombshell... Who would you like to perform with out of everyone in the HippyHaze line-up?

Toby: That's a tough question! I'd like us to collaborate with a lot of bands really. Anyone and everyone, it's all experience isn't it? We'd take them all!

Bless you boys. Ok, well that concludes my inquisition. Thanks for chatting with me and good luck!

Boys: Thanks, bye.


I can honestly say that this indie/rock/alternative band contain four of the most unpretentious, up-for-a-laugh lads I could ever hope to meet. Their performance was fab and the fact that they let their music guide their lyrics rather than vice-versa keeps their entire set sounding so fresh and different, in spite of their more mainstream inspirations. Toby, Joe and the Two Dans (as I affectionately call them...) are not only musically talented, but also packed full of charisma and I'm sure this is part of the reason The Underground sold out by 8pm at their gig last weekend. They'll be as much of a laugh off-stage as on at HippyHaze and I for one can't wait to kick back and have a beer with them after their performance on Easter Sunday. In the meantime, I'll have to get my fix from their delicious special 3's A Riot flavour milkshake containing Nestle Crunch, Chocolate Digestive Biscuits, Chocolate Sauce and Whipped Cream. Almost as yummy as the lads themself. 


Love and milkshakes
The Hippy Hippy Shake Company

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